What is the PhotobooksRus Designer?

The PhotobooksRus Designer is an updatable application that you and your family can use to create and preview photo products before ordering. The designer software optimises and prepares all photo products to be print ready before they are sent to the print provider, allowing the user to work offline on their photo books until they are happy to upload their finished product to the PhotobooksRus Server.



Installers for PC (Windows)

Version 4.3.0

Installers for Mac (Desktop)

Version 4.3.0

Requires updates on first run

Requires updates on first run

New Zealand

Installers for PC (Windows)

Version 3.5.1

Installers for Mac (Desktop)

Version 3.5.1

Requires updates on first run

Requires updates on first run

Browsing on a Mobile Device?

Our software requires Windows XP or later on PC, or OS X 10.3.9 or later on Mac.

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Quick Start Guide

Image Library

The image library is where the user can find their images, ready to be used in their project. Multiple files can be added into the software, and can then be catagorised by folder name within the image library. Images can then be sorted by type, orientation, rating and more. The image library can be stretched for the user to view more of their images, and the user can also zoom in and out to view larger/ smaller thumbnails.



The toolbar is where users can get quick access to their favourite options. From this toolbar users can quickly:

• Undo/Redo (up to 100 stages)

• Save the project

• Add a picture box

• Add text box

• Autoflow (fills the project with images from the image library)

• Zoom in or out

• Move to next or previous page

• Preview their project

Page Styles

This is where users can drag and drop Page Styles/Masks/ Backgrounds and Scrapbook Items into their project. This can be enabled/disabled when creating a product to suit the needs of your customer, it can also be hidden by your customers if they wish to have a larger canvas.

Page styles can be pre-designed by yourself to give your customers a head start on their project. Simply design a page layout on screen, and then select ?Save Page Style? from the Page Style options Icon. Your customers can create their own styles and save these to the Page Styles library using the same method. Page styles can also be catagorised so that users can quickly and easily find the best style for their project.

Masks add another layer to an image to add transparency and can be used in many effective ways, such as borders, text, scenes etc. They can be created using anything from Paint to Photoshop, and can be added by yourself, or your customers.

Backgrounds are an effective way to make any product look great. They can be added by yourself or your customers and can then be sorted into categories, for example, Weddings, Holidays, Kids, Sport etc.

Scrapbook items can be created within PhotobooksRus Designer to help users create their perfect product with minimal effort. Create stylish objects using a combination of shapes, colours, images, effects and text, and save them as a Scrapbook item to be used throughout a book. Yearbooks are a great example of where Scrapbook items are extremely effective, once you have designed a placeholder for the students picture and message, this can be used for every student. Simply drag and drop the students photo on each placeholder, and edit the text. It?s that simple with PhotobooksRus Designer.

Page Preview

The page preview allows users to check how their project flows. Users can flick through different pages of their project quickly and from here can re-arrange the order of the pages to suit their needs. This panel can be hidden when not in use.

Current Page

This is the project canvas. Users can drag and drop elements around this page and manipulate items to create their perfect Photobook.

Users can add rulers and a grid to their canvas to aid them with their design.


The Inspector panel is where you can find the more advanced features of PhotobooksRus Designer. By default, there are five tabs of options, but some options have been configured to be unavailable for certain products.

From the inspector, users can:

• Change the shape of an image or shape

• Change the amount of sides to an image or shape

• Change the angle of an image or shape

• Round the corners of a shape or image

• Change the colour or a shape

• Edit the opacity

• Add a border

• Change the size and opacity of the border

• Add a drop shadow

• Change the offset, angle and expansion of the drop shadow

• Increase or decrease the blur of the drop shadow

• Change the colour and opacity of the drop shadow

• Change the orientation of the image or shape

• Flip the image or shape vertically or horizontally

• Change the colour mode: original, black and white, sepia

• Change the brightness and contrast of the image

• Add a vignette to an image

• Change the shape, size, blur and colour of the vignette

• Change the alignemnt of text to either the top, bottom or middle of a text box

• Change the margin and line spacing in a text box

• Position an item using co-ordinates

• Size an image using measurements (metric and Imperial)

• Constrain Proportions

• Change the offset of an image

• Scale an item

• Change the angle of an item

• Change the background of the page/cover/spine

Each option listed above can be turned on or off per product.